Pediatric Research

At iC42, we think big but we also think small. Surprisingly little research has been carried out examining pediatric pharmacology. The primary reason for this is a lack of sensitive drug assays that require very low sample volumes.

Currently, iC42’s most exciting pediatric pharmacokinetics project is the development of small volume sampling techniques that measure accurate drug levels from a single drop of blood. These novel and highly sensitive assays detect the drug, their metabolites and also the biomarkers. This current research has the potential to revolutionize pediatric drug studies and patient monitoring by enabling us to extract reliable data from miniscule samples obtained from our smallest subjects.

Reflecting our commitment to pediatric research, iC42’s co-director Dr. Jeffrey Galinkin from The Children’s Hospital in Aurora/ Denver, is designing and conducting pediatric pharmacokinetics/ pharmacodynamics studies to advance pediatric pharmacology using iC42’s novel and cutting-edge bioanalytical and translational technologies.

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