Our Leadership

Dr. Uwe Christians, Director

CUA_Biosceince_059__D3_1467 (2)Dr. Uwe Christians created iC42 in 2001 and holds he position of Laboratory Director. Dr. Christians received his M.D. (with highest honors) and his Ph.D. in Experimental, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology from the Medizinische Hochschule Hannover in Hannover, Germany, where he is a board certified pharmacologist, toxicologist and clinical pharmacologist. He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology and a Master in Research Quality Assurance (British Association of Research Quality Assurance). Dr. Christians completed postdoctoral fellowships in Biopharmaceutical Sciences (Dr. L.Z. Benet) at the University of California, San Francisco, and in Cardiothoracic Surgery and Transplant Immunology (Dr. R.E. Morris) at the Stanford University Medical School. He joined the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Colorado in Denver in 2001.



Dr. Jeffrey Galinkin, Medical Director

s_GalinkinpicDr. Jeffrey Galinkin joined iC42 in 2007 and holds the position of Medical Director. Dr. Galinkin is a leader in pediatric research and he is dedicated to advancing pediatric pharmacology. His goals are to develop less invasive pediatric diagnostic tools. He has designed and conducted several clinical studies in all stages of clinical development and has served on multiple steering committees for multi-center trials and for multiple pharmaceutical company studies. Locally, Dr. Galinkin is one of the Chairs of the IRB for the University of Colorado. He also co-chairs the Scientific Advisory Committee for the University of Colorado’s Clinical Translational Science Institute (a NIH funded vehicle that provides infrastructure to clinical investigators throughout the University of Colorado). In addition, Dr. Galinkin is the Chair of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee at The Children’s Hospital.



Our Dedicated Service Team

Dr. Jelena Klawitter
CUA_Biosceince_015__D3_1164Dr. Klawitter joined iC42 in 2003 and holds the position of Associate Professor. Dr. Klawitter is a chemist trained at the Universität Bremen where she also received a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry and biochemistry. She has extensively utilized a combination of proteomics and metabolomics strategies for the discovery of molecular mechanisms underlying drug toxicity, cancerogenicity, the anti-cancer effects of drugs and drug resistance, as well as for the discovery and development of biomarkers as clinical diagnostic tools for individualized and predictive medicine. Currently, one of Dr. Klawitter’s main research goals is to deconvolute the complex interactions of genetics, diseases, environmental effects and immunosuppressant drug treatment on the development of endothelial dysfunction and resulting organ failure. In addition, Dr. Klawitter is an expert in regulatory compliance and has received her Master of Research Quality Assurance (MRQA) by the British Association for Research Quality Assurance. She currently serves as our laboratory Quality Assurance Officer.


Dr. Jost Klawitter
CUA_Biosceince_001__D3_1048Dr. Klawitter joined iC42 in 2003 and holds the position of Assistant Professor. He was awarded a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry and biochemistry by the Universität Bremen, Germany, (with highest honors) and received the ‘Bruker Best Thesis award’. Dr. Klawitter now holds the rank of Assistant Professor at iC42 and his work is focused on biomarker discovery and validation. He uses mass spectrometry and NMR-based proteomics and metabolomics approaches for the profiling of small and large molecule biomarkers. His special interests are in the development of quantitative highly sensitive (sub pmol/L) targeted biomarker assays in body fluids such as human induced sputum, cerebro-spinal fluid, urine, tissue and plasma. For this he develops and automates assays that utilize innovative sample cleanup followed by multidimensional liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. Dr. Klawitter has planned and performed clinical and analytical studies in collaboration with pharmaceutical industries for several years and has functioned as Chief Technology Officer for Eurofins Medinet Denver from 2007-2009. He is an expert in regulatory compliance and received a Master of Research Quality Assurance (MRQA) by the British Association for Research Quality Assurance in 2007.

Keith Hoffman, BS
CUA_Biosceince_006__D3_1084Mr. Hoffman joined iC42 in 2008 and holds the position of Lab Manager. He addresses challenging questions in the Pharmaceutical Industry by utilizing his experience in quantitative Bioanalytical Chemistry including advanced method development using LC/MS/MS in a GLP or Non-GLP environment. Mr. Hoffman has over 20 years of Pharmaceutical Industry experience in drug discovery and development, specifically in pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism. Here at iC42, he manages daily laboratory operations for over 20 scientists and for more than 15 mass spectrometers. His achievements include developing DMPK and Metabolite ID methods in vitro and in vivo methods for clinical compounds. He also has vast experience with clinical immunosuppressant assays for patients.




Björn Schniedewind
CUA_Biosceince_011__D3_1131Mr. Schniedewind joined iC42 in 2006 and holds the position of Professional Research Assistant. He graduated as a chemical laboratory assistant in 2002 at the Universität Bremen, Germany. He now conducts therapeutic drug monitoring for iC42 and also focuses on the analysis of immunosuppressant drugs for clinical studies. Mr. Schniedewind has engaged in the bioanalytics of many clinical studies that have successfully been reported to regulatory agencies. Additional technologies that Mr. Schniedewind’s work includes, but is not limited to, are mass spectrometry-based assays, enzyme kinetic studies, preparative isolation of pure metabolites using HPLC and structural identification using ion trap and high-resolution mass spectrometry in combination with analysis of fragmentation patterns.




Holly Gadpaille
Ms. Gadpaille joined iC42 in 2013 and holds the position of Professional Research Assistant. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the Metropolitan State College of Denver and has nearly accomplished a second Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Currently, she is contributing to drug metabolism research efforts focusing on the synthesis, isolation and purification of metabolites using preparative HPLC and the development of clinical immunosuppressant assays. Ms. Gadpaille also uses mass spectrometry-based assays, performs enzyme kinetic studies, and carries out metabolite structure identification using ion trap and high-resolution mass spectrometry, in combination with analysis of fragmentation pattern.

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